1. The cottage is rented with furniture, kitchenware and other fittings.
  2. The lessee is responsible for all the contents of the cottage during the rental period and undertakes to pay compensation for any damages that may be caused by him/her or those who reside in the cottage with his/her permission during the rental period.
  3. The lessee must treat the cottage and its surroundings in a proper manner, clean the cottage on departure and make sure that all items are in their proper place.
  4. The lessee must arrive for his/her stay in the cottage on the change date (further information in the notes).
  5. The lessee must provide towels, soap, tea towels and bedding (duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases).
  6. Guests are requested to refrain from being excessively noisy in the summer cottage area.
  7. The lessee must conduct himself/herself properly in the area and take care not to damage vegetation or the land in any manner.
  8. No pets are allowed in the cottages.
  9. Read and follow the instructions which are provided in the cottage.